• Meropi Hotel & Apartments
  • Meropi Hotel & Apartments
  • Meropi Hotel & Apartments
  • Meropi Hotel & Apartments
  • Meropi Hotel & Apartments
  • Meropi Hotel & Apartments
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Welcome to Meropi Hotel & apartments

We would like to welcome you to the official website of Meropi Hotel, where you will have the chance to make a virtual tour in our Hotel.

Wandering through the infinite Mediterranean Sea, the compass of your instinct shall lead you to the bedazzling jewel of insular Greece, the mythical island of Crete.

Gifted by nature, Crete throbs with limitless bays, crystal waters and breathtaking landscapes, which in combination with the traditional Cretan mentality of the hospitable inhabitants compose an immaculate icon of excellence that shall definitely conquer you all.

As soon as you shall get acquainted with the impeccable island of Crete, you shall realize the reason why this island is considered to be the ideal tourist resort for your vacations.

In the heart of the picturesque island of Crete, among the numerous cosmopolitan and scenic settlements, the endued city of Malia.

As you shall wander through the hospitable settlement, you shall soon come across the traditional and functional complex Meropi hotel.

Our hotel is an excellent destination for anybody who prefers a quiter more reclusive kind of holiday. Avoid the pressures of everyday life and spend your holidays with us. We hope we will have the pleasure to welcome you soon and offer you the authentic Cretan Hospitality.


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Gramatikaki street | Malia 70007, Crete - Greece | Tel: +30 28970 31160 - 31230 | Fax: +30 28970 31036